<meta>It is a port at the mouth of the Kella River.  Its culture is more similar to general Aldean society.  There is a house there for our uses which is currently being maintained by the guard, though we will need to hire our own majordomo to maintain it when we are not in residence.

It’s fishing village and small port at the mouth of the Kellan River surrounded by farms.  There is some trade with other cities, but not much international trade as the currents don’t favor the harbor.  It’s mostly stone buildings. The city is not walled; it is built on the west bank of the river with ferry service to the east bank (which is mostly marshes).  There are two market squares. The road from Kella’s Ford ends at the lower one, where farmers come into town and fishers bring their catch. The second, more inland square, is largely used by locals to sell their wares, and is faced by the town hall.

The town hall of Idrith is built of a greyer stone than is typical for most of Aldis (most Aldean cities use white stone by tradition but the grey is fairly common along the coast).  Less expensive homes have a stone first floor with the upper stories made of timber. Richer homes are entirely stone.

Wine is not very good. There is a colorful local liquor, aged in rainbow oak. (There is a local oak which absorbs the minerals from the soil and the wood is streaked with color; the local Scotch equivalent takes on the colors of the barrels in which it’s aged.) In the fall, there’s a brewers festival; there’s currently debate as to whether tea should be included.

Envoys have some funds we can draw upon in the local bank; for basic supplies

The closer to the river, the cheaper the real estate gets. The poverty area is across the river; there’s a tent community in the marshes. It’s a very rough area. Some of them are the new Jarzoni refugees who don’t have any money. People who’ve lost homes to raiders also squat in the marshes.

a vata’an (half-roamer) woman, Nicia Lyrlear. She is the Idrith dockmaster.
human man, Vikteren Maxalin, the magistrate
seafolk man, Jolsar Deinaeroon, the sheriff.

The biggest teahouse is The Golden Lamp
The biggest taven is The River Road

The road to Lysana’s Crossing ends across the river, so the docks there are fairly well built, and there are a couple of “permanent” structures (made of wood instead of canvas).

There is a Jarzoni community in Idrith. They are not refugees, but are 2 or more generations from Jarzon, and are well-established. They tend to be business owners rather than farmers. Some of them are miners. Most of the farmers in the area are Aldins.


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