a small town in aldis; at what’s effectively the source of the Grey Kella. It marks the start of Lord Demina’s territory.

Mayor is Sheran Tane.

A small fishing village and provides some support to some mines in the hills. It’s large enough to have an inn, especially since it’s a day’s travel from Idrith on the Sovereign’s Highway. The largest and nicest is called the Golden Gull and is located near the docks.

The docks are suited to the small ships of the fishing fleet, but not for cargo vessels or other large ships.

Has a lovely park called Full Moon Park

Private (& expensive) tavern called The Golden Oak Club

Two of the major families are the Barentas and the Thimars.

Cuisine focus is mostly on street food. Vendors particularly congregate down at the docks in the evening when the fishermen are coming in. Fish catches are down in Braneth (more sharks than usual) but shrimp catches are improved.

A rhy-cat merchant dealt with the archeologists when they were in town. The archaeologists paid with old coins, but the coins were still silver so they spent.

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