Nahla and Friends (a Blue Rose campaign)

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August 23, 2018 – Session 0

Present: Darvish’khan (Chris), Jade (Leigh), Nahla (Arlene), Rowan (David C), Elli (Shalea), David (David R.)  (Patrick had to work.)

Notes about gamestyle: we are not running around killing all the foes. Talking and capture are always options, also by the bad guys.

After the recent war with Kern, the ranks of the envoys and nobles are very thin, so a lot of people are being moved out of training early to take over the more stable areas and free up more experienced nobles and envoys for the borders.  There are also a lot more problems with bandits than usual as the Kernish army didn’t so much retreat as disintegrate.

The party is introduced by Lord Kurlin Makaar, a member of the noble council (Vezzini from the Princess Bride, jovial, outgoing, friendly) – he’s in charge of training new nobles. He will be continue to be our contact.  Jade takes over tending the horses. Elli takes over cooking (she has the pans and equipment for proper cooking). Everyone except Darvish’khan and Jade are provided with a riding horse, and all the bipeds get a pack mule. Darvish’khan was offered a pack mule, but decided against.

Jade introduces everyone to her horse, Jolly. She shares our scents with him and has us pet him so he knows we’re friends. He’s a big horse.


Lord Kurlin lets us know that we’re being assigned an area along the southern coast of Aldis along the Basketh Bay (near the area where most of the Jarzoni refugees have settled.) Rowan tried to console Elli (not sure why?), telling her she’ll fit right in. Nahla and Elli both looked at him, baffled.

He tells us that our instructions are generally to do the circuit of the towns and assist Nahla as much as possible in her duties as a traveling noble (settling disputes, collecting taxes, etc.).  On the more quiet side, we are to keep an eye out for dissent or any sign of espionage from Jarzon. There’s an hilly area between the inland area and the coast and it tends to be a little more insular.  We’ll be based out of Kella’s Ford - the river is the easternmost border of our territory. When we get there we are to introduce ourselves to Noble Lord Demina, who is in charge of Kella’s Ford.

[Ridout to Chris: At least in this game I don’t have to worry about you having thumbs.]


We will also be introduced to Lord Valin Barus in Lysana’s Crossing (effectively a very large refugee/ merchant’s camp) who is in charge of the diplomacy with Jarzon.





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