Nahla Jossa

Older Jarzoni woman


The Theocracy of Jarzon
Class: EXPERT 1

COMMUNICATION: 3* Persuasion
DEXTERITY: 2* Riding, Artisan

Speed: 12 Defense: 12 Armor: 3 Penalty: 0 Health: 28
talent: contacts (novice)
Light armor (heavy cloth)

CALLING: The Fool (adventure & excitement)
Destiny: Queen of Rods (curious)
Fate: 8 Chalice (stubborn)
Corruption: 0


  1. become Aldin noble
    2. improve Jarzon integration in Aldea


  1. Walina’s promise -intensity: 1 (try to get her family out of Jarzon)
  2. Family love – intensity 2

(undated, torn, stained, much folded)

Honored father,

If you are reading this, then I and my family are probably dead. Keeper Majid discovered my son Muntasir is never going to marry a woman or have his own hearth, you know why. He will make my son an outcast, to be shunned, to never inherit my place.

In Aldis, they will not judge my son for not following the Purist Priests teachings of Leonoth. And I will not send my son alone. I love my son and would risk our lives to join him.

My brothers will take care of you and mother. I hope you will not think less of me for this choice.

Your son in memory
Iyaad Jossa

(in archives of Jewelers’ Guild in Aldis)

Honored Guildmasters,

As you know my family are newcomers in Aldis. However, I am not unknown, as can be seen by the attached letters of recommendation. I have also attached sketches of my work and a finished example.

I do not expect you to take my word alone for my skill. I am willing to demonstrate my skill with gems and designs to prove my rank.

Artisan Imad Nasri

(first in a bundle of letters, tied with ribbon, with pressed flowers tied in the bow, tucked in the bottom of Nahla Jossa’s dowry chest)

to the sweetest almond blossom

When we touched hands over the counter, my soul took flight. Our eyes met, and we blushed like dawn’s first light. Like petals scattered on milk is your skin. I want to count and kiss every freckle. I want to tangle my fingers in your curls. I know this is very forward of me, to write such a letter to you. I am not brave enough to tell you in person, so let this missive be my ambassador.

Waiting in breathless anticipitation,

Walina Sawwar

(last letter in the bundle)

My dearest and most beloved wife,

The healers say I do not have much longer. It it time for me to return to the wheel. I would that we had longer. We have raised three lovely children together. I have seen our granddaughter. I looked forward to growing old with you by my side. Alas, it is not to be. But we shall see each other again, I know.

With love and sorrow, Walina

(excerpt of a letter among the effects of a priest in Kella’s Ford)

Yes, I have met Shakriyah Nasri, wife of the jeweler, Imad Wasil. After speaking to her, I can see why she was so unpopular with the Purist Priests. I believe her views, while unorthodox, hold some merit and bear further investigation.
Paternal uncle (dad‘s oldest brother) was gay. Due to the oppression, his parents grabbed him & the younger kids to flee to Aldea. Maternal grandmother did something to anger a priest (no one has ever said what) & they fled with paternal grandparents. Nahla’s parents grew up together & got married. They had 4 kids, 3 girls and a vata boy. Nahla is the youngest. The family are artisans.

About the time Nahla got married to her wife, her father died. Nahla & her wife have a son and two daughters. The son is 21 and the youngest girl is 17 (middle is 19). The son is established & just got married himself. The older girl is about to finish her journey level training & the youngest is in the middle of hers. (figuring apprentice age 12-15, journey ~15-20); they are all out of the house. Nahla is now 39 & her wife died just over a year ago. Nahla still wears her own marriage torc & her wife’s.
paternal grandfather: Jiyaad Jossa DEC
paternal grandmother: Saahir DEC
paternal uncle 1: Muntasir (gay)
paternal aunt 1: Amal
paternal aunt 2: Aziza
husband: Fadil (3 girls)
father: Saamir DEC
maternal grandfather: Imad DEC
maternal grandmother: Shukriya
maternal aunt 1: Hishma
husband: Rifat (2 boys)
maternal uncle 1: Thaamir
wife: Sundus (2 girls, 1 boys)
mother: Hanma
maternal aunt 3: Kamila
husband Musab (1 girl)
maternal uncle 2: Sakhme
maternal aunt 4: Rahma
husband: Talha (2 girls, 3 boys
maternal uncle 3 Tareef

Older sister 1: Azeema DEC
husband: Abdur (1 boy, 8 girls)
older sister 2: Sajiyya
husband: Taaha (3 boys 2 girls)
Older brother (vata’an): Iyadi
wife: Nabeela (2 girls 3 boys)
Nahla: age 39
wife: Walina (2 girls, 1 boy) DEC
son: Muzel
DIL: Radina
daughter 1: Khadeej
daughter 2: Hamina
Many cousins and older sibs have grandchildren and a few greatgrandchildren. Only those who survived to adulthood listed (most couples of older generation of 1 or more children dying infancy or childhood)

Nahla Jossa

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