Human, Bandit, Elli's uncle


rumored to be cutthroat, but how much is actual and how much is marketing? Definitely leads a band of bandits outside Serinda & Cardosa

Kolya is related to one of Elli’s fathers (Gregor), and resembles him. She tells a bit about what she remembers of him; which isn’t much because she was a kid and the adults didn’t tell the kids anything. (Gregor joined the family when she was a small child, and there was talk at that time of Kolya. There were also rumors that he was behind the fire which burned the bakery right before she left for college, though Kolya said that wasn’t him, that it was someone who got ahead of themselves and who was punished for it).

Kolya speaks of The Brotherhood, a bandit gang which is responsible for much of the banditry in the region.



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